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What are the different types of trailers to hire?

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

At some point or another, we are going to require a trailer of sorts to assist with moving large and bulky items. Whether it’s moving house, going on holiday or for work-related purpose, trailers are very handy equipment. But for those who don’t need a trailer for regular use, there are many companies that offer a wide variety of trailers for hire. Here’s a quick look at the different types you can hire.

Different types of trailers to hire

Livestock trailer

Also known as ‘stock trailers’, these livestock trailer are hired to transport animas between locations, such as between farms, to fairs or to processing plants. They are available in a range of sizes, depending on the number of livestock being transported, with an enclosed bottom with slatted sides for ventilation.

Horse trailer

If you’re looking to transport horses to and from shows, competitions and races, then you’ll need to hire a horse trailer, also known as a horse float, horsebox or horse van. These come in a variety of designs with size ranging from smaller units that hold two-to-three horse, through to the gooseneck design which carries up to eight horses. Horse trailers are designed for the comfort and safety, with adjustable vents and windows, as well as suspension for a smoother, less stressful drive.

Luggage trailer

This is the ultimate holiday companion for big families, or if you’re going on an outdoor adventure. Rather than overstuffing your car with bulky items, hiring a car luggage trailer gives you extra space that fits all forms of luggage and equipment. These are very secure trailers which will ensure the safety of valuable and fragile items.

Flatbed trailer

Hiring a flatbed trailer offers a range of transportation option. Flatbed trailers, all of which are flat and open, are available in many different shapes and sizes suited to handling different load types. Because they have no container box and sit quite low, it’s easy to load and off-load items of all shapes – they simply need to be firmly affixed.

Step deck trailer

Another type of trailer for hire is a step deck trailer. These are similar to flatbed trailers but sit closer to the ground which allows you to transport heavier items that are taller. These will come with ramps for loading and off-loading, and are safer for forklift offloading as they’re low.

Extendable flatbed trailer

This is another version of a flatbed trailer whereby the flatbed can be extended to allow the shipment of longer loads. As with the flatbed, they are open trailers without walls and roofing.

Enclosed trailer

Another common car trailer is the enclosed trailer which, unlike the flatbed trailer, is enclosed. This is better-suited to transporting items over a long distance or in busy areas. Hiring an enclosed trailer will ensure there is no risk of damage or of items falling off.

Refrigerated trailer

If you’re looking to transport perishable goods, or any items that must be kept cool in transit, then the refrigerated trailer is what you’re looking for. The insulation and cooling system will ensure all items are fresh upon arrival.

Lowboy trailers

This is a heavy-duty trailer which has two drops in a deck that sits very close to the ground. These are used for transporting heavy-duty construction and agricultural equipment such as bulldozers, excavators and tractors.

Car trailers

Also known as car carriers or car haulers, this trailer is designed to transport passenger vehicles, and they are either open or enclosed. Car trailers tend to have in-built ramps for loading and offloading cars, as well as hydraulics for raising and lowering.

Tipper Trailers

These heavy-duty trailers are ideal for moving large amounts of earth, soil and rubble. They come in a range of sizes but typically 32-36 ton are the most popular. Tipper trailers are mainly used on mining and construction sites. Hiring a tipper trailer helps keep your site clean of debris and rubble.

Display trailers

Also known as event marketing trailers, these give companies the chance to display advertisements including promotions, sales and demonstrations. These have proven to be an effective mass marketing technique.

Food service trailers

Commonly found on beachfronts, at conferences, and festivals, these are great on-the-go food delivery systems that are becoming increasingly popular. Food service trailers allow vendors to reach more customers, without the hassle of rental costs. Typically these types of trailers for hire are done on a long term basis.

Vending trailers

Also a common sighting at festivals and outdoor events, vending trailers allow small businesses to take their merchandise directly to the consumer. Another type of trailer for hire is a step deck trailer.

There are so many different types of trailers for hire. An established supplier will be able to match you with the right trailer, ensuring all maintenance and services are performed to keep the equipment in working order.

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