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Hire a trailer questions and answers

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

If you’re looking to hire a trailer, there are many organisations available that can happily assist. However, there are several factors that need to be considered. Here’s a comprehensive overview of trailer hires.

Can you rent a trailer for a day?

Yes, many trailer hire companies will charge a daily rate for trailer rentals.

How much does a trailer cost to hire?

The cost of a trailer hire will differ between companies – some hire per hour or per day – as well as the type of trailer you’re looking to hire. Another factor that affects the price is the length of the rental. On average, a basic car trailer hire will start around R200 a day.

What are trailers used for?

Trailers are used for transporting all types of goods and materials, from household and gardening items, through to heavy-duty equipment. Certain trailer types can be used as limited living facilities such as caravans or mobile homes.

What types of trailers are there?

There is an extremely wide variety of trailer types for hire available, suited to all manner of transportation. Here’s a quick overview of some of the trailers you can expect to hire:

  • Livestock trailer

  • Horse trailer

  • Cargo trailer

  • Utility trailer

  • Luggage trailer

  • Flatbed trailer

  • Step deck trailer

  • Tipper trailer

  • Lowboy trailer

  • Car trailer

  • Tilt car trailers

  • Display trailers

  • Food service trailers

  • Vending trailers

What is a flatbed trailer?

One of the most common trailer to hire is the flatbed trailer. These consist of an open deck, without sides or a roof, and are generally used for transporting industrial equipment. Because of the open nature of a flatbed trailer, it allows for quick and easy loading and offloading.

Where can I hire a tipper trailer?

There are a variety of tipper trailer hire companies throughout South Africa. A simple search online will show you trailer hire companies in your area.

Alternatively choose your area below:

What speed do you recommend?

To ensure road safety, it’s advised that motorists stick to a maximum of 90km/h on a tar road, and a maximum of 70km/h on a good-quality gravel road.

What is the best trailer to hire to when moving house?

A common need for trailer hire is moving house, and there are many options available. Here are the top two types:

  • Cargo trailer – This is a fully-enclosed trailer that can be locked up and will keep valuable items secure and safe. This is ideal for transporting household goods, particularly in adverse weather conditions.

  • Utility trailer – This has a bottom grate but open top half and is ideal for transporting large, bulky items like furniture. However, this is better for short trips as the items would be exposed.

What size trailer can I tow?

When determining what type of trailer you want to hire, you need to factor in the vehicle type you will be using to tow the trailer. A 1 500kg vehicle is able to tow around 750kgs, but there are aspects such as gross vehicle mass and tare mass of the trailer that need to be factored in. The best bet is to consult with the trailer hire company as they will be able to guide you on your options.

What are the regulations when towing vehicle?

In terms of your vehicle capacity, it comes down to the tare weight of your vehicle rather than the engine capacity. However, in terms of licencing, South Africans with a B licence can tow anything that is 750kgs and under. For anything over 750kgs, an EB licence is required. An upgrade to an EB code will require motorists to re-take the learner’s test and repeat the test with a weight over 750kgs.

What happens if you tow a trailer without the right license?

Without the correct towing licence, you will not be able to hire a trailer as fines will be incurred if you are stopped and checked.

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